Sunday, May 5, 2013

Costco 2 Pallets of Liquidation Appliances

I bought 2 pallets of liquidation appliances.The pallets were customer returns from Costco. Their merchandise is so clean. I paid 32% for the pallets. The retail was Approximately $6000. My costs was $2000.
   Items in the salvage lot:
  •    (2) 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners
  •     Front Loading Washer and Drier
  •    Refrigerator
  •     (2) Chest Freezers
  •     (2) 7500 watt Generators
  •      Gas Free Standing Range
  I sold all the appliances in four days. Every thing worked. A few items had some cosmetic damage.
Total for all sales was $3760.
Profit on the Costco returns was $1760.
  Usually when buying Costco Liquidation you have to buy the entire store's returns for a week. I found a guy that does not like appliances (too Big).. He sells the  items in a small retail shop. Splitting the loads between the two of us is mutually beneficial. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Costco Liquidation Pallets of Wholesale Electronics

Last week i went to see a man who has salvage contracts with six different Costco Warehouse Stores in Southern California. He must purchase every item that is returned in each store every week. He just returned from two weeks stay in South America. The Costco liquidation was piling up in his warehouse.
When I arrived at his warehouse I noticed that he had eight nice pallets of surplus electronics. I offered him three thousand dollars for the truckload of Costco Liquidation Pallets. He needed the space in his warehouse. He said yes. I had the warehouse man load the eight pallets of wholesale liquidation electronics on my truck.
I called three different customers while I was driving back to my warehouse. All three of them were waiting for me when I got to my store. I sold the for eight hundred dollars each. I made three thousand four hundred dollars in less than four hours. Costco Liquidation Pallets of wholesale electronics made for a nice day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Costco 4 Pallet Load Liquidation 2k Profit

I bought a four pallet truckload. This was another Costco liquidation truckload. The surplus merchandise had six plasma tv's six laptops and eight digital cameras. Their was a lot of other general merchandise on the costco liquidation truckload. I paid four thousand two hundred for the pallets of wholesale liquidation items.
I sold the entire truckload to one flea market vendor. He paid me six thousand seven hundred dollars for the truckload.. I made a quick two grand in opne day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Truckload of Costco Liquidation Merchandise 6 allets of Customer Returns

I purchased a truckload of liquidation merchandise. The truckload had six pallets on it. The pallets of liquidation were from Costco. This costco liquidation truckload were customer returns.
What this consists of is all the items returned to a single store in a week. It has everything from food items ,consumer electronics, clothing, housewares any item sold in the store.I paid four thousand dollars for the six pallets of Costco customer returns. I sold the merchandise at a flea market in one weekend. The total sales for the truckload was six thousand four hundred dollars. I aid two hundred dollars for the sace at the flea market. I had two helpers that I paid three hundred(one fifty each).I made all most two thousand profit on the truckload of Costco liquidation merchandise.